Solid Carbide MPX drill reduces cost-per-hole


The high performance Dormer MP-X 8xD drill provides increased productivity for operators.

​​​​​​Building on the reliable technology of the high performance solid carbide MP-X 3xD and 5xD drills, the new coolant through 8xD drill reduces machining time for operators by eliminating the pecking process.

R459_action1.jpgWith fast and efficient chip evacuation, the MP-X 8xD aligns with the comprehensive Dormer Pramet range of cutting tools by reducing the cost-per-hole and increasing overall throughput for users. 

The microgram carbide material provides an excellent combination of hardness and toughness, resulting in high wear resistance and longer tool life. With multi-layer Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAIN-Top) coating, the Dormer MP-X drill delivers:

  • Improved stability to the cutting edges
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • High hardness / toughness and oxidation stability

The CTW™ (Continually Thinned Web) flute geometry optimizes flute volume and breaks the chips into small, manageable pieces to ensure efficient chip evacuation in deep hold applications, reducing machine downtime. 

CTW™ ensures consistent forces throughout the drilling cycle. The combination of the split four facet point and the CTW™ flute delivers precise centering and low thrust forces.  

The MP-X 8xD is a worthy addition to the comprehensive Dormer Pramet cutting tool portfolio.

Watch a video of the MP-X 8xD​ drill in action by clicking here.

Visit our MPX product page online to view complete specifications. 

Download a hi-res image of the Dormer Pramet MPX R​459 Solid Carbide Drill in action.