Yellow Shark Tap increases output


A manufacturer in the United States has significantly increased productivity with support from Shark Line material specific taps. 

Alro Industrial Supply in Jackson, MI, partnered with Dormer Pramet to find a tapping product to increase productivity. The operation was to create a through hole in a steel plate with a thread cutting application. The current tap produced just eight holes per tap. 

Alro’s team transitioned to the Dormer E909 (Yellow Shark) and the operation is now producing a minimum of 100 holes per tap. This has dramatically improved output and reduced tooling costs.

The Yellow Shark is part of the Dormer range of high performance colored-ring taps manufactured from powder metallurgy cobalt steel (HSS-E-PM).

Suitable for machining low alloy steel, the Yellow Shark taps are available with TiAIN-Top coating with additional edge treatment. Spiral point and spiral flute options are available. Spiral flute options feature a special flute geometry which prevents nest formation of chips, reducing both the risk of re-cutting on the reversal and machine downtime to clear the chips.

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