The Pramet brand of indexable cutting inserts for turning covers all your application needs. Whether machining a part with a diameter of several inches or several feet, our tools will meet your requirements. We use the latest technology to ensure you consistently receive a high quality result.

Indexable cutting inserts

The Pramet turning tools and indexable cutting inserts include solutions for all common operations of general turning (external and internal), parting-off, grooving and threading. There is a product for machining of all commonly used materials.

Tools for general turning

Tools for general turning.jpg

The Pramet products are tools for internal and external turning are of a part. The tools for negatively placed inserts with P and D (M) clamping and positively placed inserts with S clamping represent the basic offer. The exchangeable and adjustable heads as well as adjustable holders for special tools are also available. The tools for turning of railway wheels belong to the heavy turning segment.

D clamping is the most stable system of insert clamping. The clamping stability is demonstrated by longer cutting edge life than with P clamping. D, M and P clamping (for negatively placed inserts with a cylindrical hole) are suitable for stable workpieces for roughing to finishing operations depending on the chosen geometry and insert shape. Easy chip evacuation is also an definitive advantage of P clamping.

S clamping is a system of one-side positively placed inserts clamped by a screw. Tools with S clamping are used for unstable, long and thin or thin-walled workpieces. This way of clamping is usually used with external and internal tools with small cross-sections. Internal tools with carbide shanks for better machined hole quality are also a part of the overall offering.

Tools for parting off and grooving

Tools for cutting off and recessing.jpg

​Older generations of indexable cutting inserts are being replaced by new types for lighter operation of parting off and grooving (LFMX) and for internal grooving and copy turning (LCMF). Similarly, the T8330 grade with PVD coating is a successful replacement of the well-proven 8030.

The GFI tools for the LCMF indexable inserts represent a modern solution for shallow grooving depths corresponding to triple the width of the indexable cutting insert. The assortment has been expanded with GFM holders for the LCMR inserts corresponding to quintuple the width of the indexable cutting insert. Also included in the assortment are the GFK tools and GFK holders for the LCMF cutting inserts of 0.080" width enabling parting off and grooving of up to 0.63" depth. The tools for the LCMF inserts allow the possibility for grooving and copy (multidirectional) turning.

Tools with the LFMX inserts for medium depths and deep parting off and grooving are available. The offering consists of geometries for fine and rough operations as well as inserts with straight and angled cutting edge. Inserts range from 0.063" to 0.250".

There is also a complete assortment for slot turning for lock rings (0.035" to 0.163" widths) and sealing rings (R0.020" to R0.060"). The inserts are clamped into ho​lders for threading. It is necessary to use a shim with ZZ specification or a tool with 0° inclination angle for grooving.

Special tools

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The Dormer Pramet engineering teams invest annually in the research and development of new products. Some of these tools do not always meet market requirements; however, they are available to be modified for your special tooling needs. Whether it is a complicated application or you are hoping to reach a faster machining cycle, we work with you to develop a complete solution.

Contact us today to find out how we can fulfil your special tooling requirements or download our catalog to read more​.