We offer a wide range of tooling and indexable inserts to cover all of your turning application needs. Whether you machine a part with a diameter of several millimeters or several feet,  our Pramet branded tools will meet your requirements. We use cutting-edge production technology to ensure high quality and reliability in performance.



Indexable cutting inserts

The Pramet turning tools and indexable cutting inserts includes solutions for all general operations (external and internal), parting-off, grooving and threading. Pramet is the leader in the field of heavy turning.

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The basic offer of turning grades is represented by grades with MTCVD coatings. The new generation of the productive grades – UP!GRADE includes a universal line of grades – T9310, T9315, T9325 and T9335, which is suitable for turning of structural and tool steels, corrosion-resistant steels and cast irons. T5305 and T5315 grades are determined for cast irons and heat-treated steels. T7335 grade is especially determined for turning of corrosion-resistant steels.
The offer of turning grades is completed with grades with PVD coatings. The T8310, T8315, T8330 and T8345 grades with PVD coatings are determined for the fields with high demands for mechanical solidity of the cutting edge, especially for parting off, grooving and for fine operations of general turning and heavy roughing. TheT8030 grade is determined for threading. The T0315 is another special grade with PVD coating. This grade is determined for machining of Al and Al alloys as well as other non-ferrous materials.
Other grades for specific use are also a part of the offer. The TC100 and SN100 ceramics for very productive turning of cast iron; the TT310 and TT010 cermets for finishing operations; the TB310 cubic boron nitride for turning of hardened materials and the D720, PC30 and P1 polycrystalline diamonds for machining of Al and Al alloys as well as other non-ferrous materials. 
Indexable cutting inserts for general turning are made in wide assortment of chipbreakers. The FF geometry is determined for fine turning operations, the FM geometry is suitable for finishing and semi-roughing operations and the RM geometry is used for roughing and partly also for semi-roughing. The SI, NM and M chipbreakers for semi-roughing are also very popular. One-side inserts with the OR, NR2, HR and 923 chipbreakers prevail in the field of heavy roughing.

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Tools for general turning

Tools for general turning.jpg The tools for negatively placed inserts with P and D (M) clamping and positively placed inserts with S clamping represent the basic offer. Exchangeable and adjustable heads as well as adjustable holders for special tools are also available. The tools for turning of railway wheels also belong to the heavy turning segment.

D clamping is the most stable system of the insert clamping. The clamping stability is demonstrated by longer cutting edge life than with P clamping. D, M and P clamping (for negatively placed inserts with a cylindrical hole) are suitable for stable workpieces for roughing to finishing operations depending on the chosen geometry and insert shape. Easy chip evacuation from the place of cutting is also an unquestionable advantage of P clamping.
S clamping is a system of one-side positively placed inserts clamped by screw. Tools withS clamping are used for unstable, long and thin or thin-walled workpieces. This way of clamping is usually used at external and internal tools of small cross-sections. Internal tools with carbide shanks ensuring better quality of the machined hole are also a part of the assortment. An absolutely new segment of S clamping use is the field of heavy roughing where a lighter cut of positively placed inserts is used. 

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Tools for cutting off and recessing

Tools for cutting off and recessing.jpg The offer for parting off and grooving is gradually being increased. The older generation of indexable cutting inserts, suitable mainly for material division, is being replaced by new types for lighter operation of parting off and grooving (LFMX) and for internal grooving and copy turning (LCMF). Similarly, the new T8330 grade with PVD coating from the new UP!GRADE line proves successful as a replacement of well-proven 8030.

The GFI tools for the LCMF indexable inserts represent a modern solution for shallow grooving into depth corresponding to triple of the width of the indexable cutting insert. The assortment has newly been completed with GFM holders for the LCMR inserts corresponding to quintuple of the width of the indexable cutting insert and GFK tools and GFK holders for the LCMF cutting inserts of 2 mm width enabling parting off and grooving up to 16 mm depth. The tools for the LCMF inserts combine a possibility of grooving and copy (multidirectional) turning.
We offer the tools with theLFMX inserts for middle-deep and deep parting off and grooving. There are also geometries for fine and rough operations as well as inserts with straight and inclined cutting edge in the assortment. The offer of the inserts ranges from 1.6 mm to 6.35 mm.
A part of the offer is also a complete assortment for slot turning for lock rings (0.9 to 4.15 mm widths) and sealing rings (R0.5 to R1.5 mm). The inserts are clamped into holders for threading and they also have that kind of specification. Instead of lead of thread, the width of groove is given and the profile is ZZ specified (e.g. TN 16ER110ZZ). It is necessary to use a shim with ZZ specification or a tool with 0° inclination angle for grooving.

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Tools for thread turning

Tools for thread turning.jpg Pramet offers tools for turning of external and internal threads and indexable cutting inserts with full profile for M, W, RD, API, TR, UN and ACME threads. The offer is completed with inserts with partial profile for 60° threads. The inserts are available in productive and universal grade8030 with PVD coating. We provide other alternatives such as thread profile, insert design or grade in the form of a special product.

The basis of the offer is represented by all-ground indexable cutting inserts with full profile. Ground indexable cutting inserts are the best choice for low-carbon and corrosion-resistant steels but also for most of other materials. Pressed indexable cutting inserts (P1 specification) are used for turning of harder materials and/or for threading in holes.
Inserts with full profile are suitable for serial and repeated production. Partial profile is suitable for single-piece production because it covers a certain extend of lead of threads, e.g. 1.5 - 3 mm. Standard tools are used for lead of threads up to 3 mm included, but it is necessary to use a direct holder (S specification) for higher lead of threads. 
It is necessary to select inclination angle of the indexable cutting insert correctly for a correct function of the tool. The correct inclination is ensured by shims with different inclination angles (external and internal tools) or it is fixed by means of tool design (internal tools). 

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Special tools

Special tools.jpg Every year, we launch hundreds of new products but we also recognize that we need to develop special tools for complicated applications or faster cycles times.

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- fast response
- complete tool information​

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