Everyday Productivity

Offering more productivity, greater security and wider versatility, our latest product launch supports a range of turning, milling, threading and hole-making applications. 

From Black Shark taps for high strength steels, to tools for parting-off and grooving, from new Hydra drill body lengths, to high feed milling inserts; these product additions provide your business with the tools to improve the future.  

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For more information on all our latest products, click on the relevant sections below: 

More versatile long-grooving

The new GL double-edged insert targets long-grooving, supporting 60% deeper capability.

Milling a deeper path

The double-sided SNGX11 square insert offers high feed economical milling up to 0.07in depths of cut.

Hydra lengths added

Our Hydra replaceable head drills range has grown with the addition 
of 12xD and 1.5xD options.

Black Shark provides high security

Assortment of Black ring Shark taps for high strength steels and titanium alloys.