​​​​​​​​Indexable Cutting Inserts for Drilling

​​Working Length​Coolant​Drill Type​Drill Tolerance​Hole Tolerance​Surface Finish​Diameter Range
​2D​Yes​802D (inch)+.002​0/+ .008​Ra 80-240 μin​​.594-2.000
​​2D​Yes​​803D (inch)+.002​​0/+ .012​Ra 80-240 μin​​.594-2.000
​2D​Yes​804D (inch)+.002​​0/+ .016​Ra 80-240 μin​​​​.594-2.000


Download an overview flye​r of our drills and inserts.

vrtaky-s-vymenitelnymi-britovymi-destickami.jpg The Pramet indexible drilling program offers tools in a wide selection of diameters for drilling depth from 2xD to 4xD. The drills can be used as a rotary or stationary tool. The drills are single edge and may also work off the outside axis. The drilled hole dimension can be adjusted to within -0.008" to +0.020" using an off centered tool. The drills provide stability and reliability under unstable conditions or​ interrupted cut.

Every square drilling insert offers 4 cutting edges. Their full application is achieved with different geometries and grades of internal and external inserts. Internal inserts, which must cut in the middle of the drill at zero cutting speeds, are made of durable grades with a very strong chipbreaker. External inserts are wear-resistant and enable the user to increase cutting speeds at the periphery of the tool, up to double the speed of comparable solid drills. The right choice of the peripheral insert grade ensures high productivity and long life of the tool.

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