​Dormer Pramet is globally recognized for its brand of Pramet milling tools. The versatile and vast selection of Pramet indexable milling products allow users to machine parts from small to large. Supported by our dedicated team of research and development engineers, the company launches new Pramet milling tools and indexable cutting inserts twice a year to meet the demands of modern machining. Experience the satisfaction of reliable performance.

Indexable cutting inserts

Indexable cutting inserts.jpgThe Pramet milling program contains a wide range of indexable cutting inserts and tools. The milling program includes CVD and PVD coatings.

Versatile indexable milling for your application

The MT-CVD grades with coatings are the most productive grades for milling. The M5315 grade is suitable for milling of cast irons and light milling of heat-treated steels. The M93xx line is for universal use. The M9315 grade is suitable for milling with high cutting speeds under stable conditions while the M9325 grade is a tougher version. The toughest grade of the M9340 line is for milling under less stable conditions and especially made for milling of corrosion-resistant steels.

Grades with PVD coatings are very versatile. The 8230 and 8240 lines are the most universal grades. The indexable cutting inserts made of these grades are for maching of soft steel, corrosion-resistant steels, heat-resistant steels as well as cast irons with a high number of surface impurities. The 8240 grade is tailored to the toughest cutting conditions and for very tough materials. We recommend using the 8215 grade for stable conditions and for milling of heat-treated steels and cast irons.

We offer our customers modern geometries of indexable cutting inserts with grades to increase productivity. These are specified with F letter (fine and finishing milling), M (universal use) and R (rough milling).

Download the Pramet catalog (pdf) to view the ​complete selection of products.

Face milling cutters


The assortment of face milling cutters consists of tools for plain milling (45° to 75°). Along with general milling and production milling, the program is completed with milling cutters for heavy rough milling (57° and 60°). There are face milling cutters available from Ø 0.787" to Ø 12.402" according to the type and size of the indexable cutting insert. Shoulder and copy milling cutters (especially high-feed milling cutters) are also available.

The HNGX 09 indexable cutting inserts were designed to work with the Pramet face milling cutters to greatly boost your productivity. These inserts have an astonishing 12 cutting edges. They are offered in 2 sizes (HNGX06 and HNGX09), 3 geometries and are suitable for roughing to finishing. The HNEF and HNMF indexable cutting inserts also have 12 cutting edges for milling of cast iron. With a high number of teeth, you can be confid​ent of high tool productivity.

New tools for light operations and for machining of corrosion-resistant steels, difficult-to-machine materials (DTMM) and soft low-carbon steels have been added to the Pramet program. These are the tools of the MULTISIDE family and also milling cutters for SEET09 and SEMT09 inserts.

The Penta HD milling cutters round off the selection of indexables for heavy roughing. The offering is an economical option for depths of 0.197" to 0.394" and match performance with tangential milling cutters.

Download the Pramet ca​talog (pdf) to view the ​complete selection of products.

Shoulder milling cutters

stopkove-frezy.jpgThese milling cutters include 90° tools with one row of indexable cutting inserts for slot milling and shoulder milling from small depth (diameter of 0.394") to heavy roughing (diameter of 10.236"). Productive milling cutters for Al and Al alloy machining with PCD (polycrystalline diamond) cutting inserts are also a part of this selection.

LNGX12 and LNGU16 cutting inserts are new additions to the shoulder milling cutter offering and are intended for economical 90° milling. Tools with LNG inserts are for shoulder milling and face milling while tools with LNGX inserts can be used for ramping into material, helical interpolation or perpendicular recessing into material.

The milling cutters with ADMX 11 and ADMX 16 inserts belong to the new generation tools. These inserts are characterised by significantly lower cutting force, improved solidity of the insert cutting edge and perfect stability even under unfavourable cutting conditions. A big advantage of ADMX inserts is the versatility of operations in which they can be used – quick ramping into material, helical interpolation or perpendicular recessing into material.

The XOEN 12 inserts are for milling of aluminium and aluminium alloys and other non-ferrous materials which are suitable not only for shoulder milling but also for plain milling operations. The maximum allowed cutting speed of 22,000 rpm allows for optimal productivity and minimum machining time to be achieved.

Download the Pramet catalog (pdf) to view the ​complete selection of products.

Copy milling cutters


Copy milling cutters are tools with indexable cutting inserts with round cutting edges. They can either be a fully round cutting edge (indexable cutting inserts for toroid or ball nose milling cutters) or partially round cutting edge (from HFC milling cutters to radius versions of ADMX 11 and ADMX 16 indexable cutting inserts). Copy milling cutters includes shell-type milling cutters, milling cutters with cylindrical clamping shank, Weldon-type shank and modular (screw) milling cutters.

HFC (High Feed Cutting) milling cutters are advancing in the field of rough copy milling. There are 2 types of Pramet HFC milling cutters. The HFC milling cutters with ZDCW 12, ZDEW 09 and ZDEW 07 inserts are for feeds of up to 0.118", 0.080" and 0.04" per tooth. These miling cutters go beyond copy milling and are considerably more productive than face milling cutters. The tools are suitable for milling of soft as well as heat-treated steels and cast irons.

The Penta HF milling cutters with PDxx 09 inserts are optimized for milling of corrosion-resistant steels, difficult-to-machine steels and heat-treated steels. The cutting inserts with a transition edge are suitable for plain operation, the indexable cutting inserts with a radius edge represent the first choice for all other uses. The milling cutters with round inserts (RDHX or RCMX) are suitable for finishing operations on stable machines and workpieces. An advantage for programmers is freedom of use during multi-axis machining (3D and more). 

The assortment has been expanded with 2 versions of the ball nose milling cutters suitable for milling of all types of machined materials. This includes the universal milling cutters with ZP10 to ZP50 inserts with diameters of 0.394" to 1.968" and the semi-roughing and finishing milling cutters of the MULTISIDE XP family in diameters of 0.630" to 1.260".

Download the Pramet catalog (pdf) to view the ​complete selection of products.

Cylindrical milling cutters

valcove-frezy.jpgThe cylindrical milling cutters includes cutters for milling of deep shoulders and slots. The suitable applications include mid-range and productive milling machines. The milling cutters for milling of angular planes are also included with the adjustment angles corresponding to the angles which are most often used for weld preparation. Cylindrical milling cutters with soldered cutting edges are also available for finishing operations.

Face milling cutters with SDGX 12 inserts (or SDMX 12 inserts) are designed for machining of mild steels from structural steels to corrosion-resistant steels but also difficult-to-machine materials of S group.

The face milling cutters with ADMX 11 inserts have become a bestseller. They can be characterized by stable placing of the insert and very good chip evacuation. Ramping and helical milling are possible with these milling cutters. They are suitable for milling of all types of steels, cast irons and milling of non-ferrous metals according to the insert geometry chosen.

There are newly designed milling cutters with LNET16/SNGX13 inserts for the most demanding operations of machining steels and cast irons. The milling cutter is fitted with the LNET16 two-edge inserts on every other tooth on the face and the SNGX13 8-edge inserts are fitted on the rest of the milling cutter.

The milling cutters for chamfering have the cutting edge length of about 1.063" and are offered within the angle adjustment from 15° to 75°. The milling cutters can also be used for fast evacuation of the material during plain milling (milling cutters with 15°) or for form slot roughing.

Download the Pramet catalog (pdf) to view the ​complete selection of products.

Disc milling cutters

kotoucove-frezy.jpgDisc milling cutters are some of the most productive milling tools. The innovative line of disc milling cutters is based on tangentially clamped indexable cutting inserts. The offering is a reliable solution for a wider cut (adjustable milling cutters) and milling cutters for thinner holders (fixed milling cutters).

The fixed milling cutters are not only used for slot milling but also for parting. Flange milling cutters can mill slots at the base of the part. The milling cutters are clamped in the same way as the standard shell end milling cutters. Disc milling cutters without flange can be used independently but also in assembled tools. For independently clamped disc milling cutters we offer FMH4 arbor type, which is universal for all widths of milling cutters.

Adjustable disc milling cutters represent a universal solution for slot milling. The exchangeable cartridges are adjustable within 14 to 18.5 mm, 19 to 24.3 mm and 24.5 to 30.5 mm according to the body of milling cutter and cartridge. The milling cutter bodies can also be one-side fitted for milling of one surface.

Feed per tooth, or mid hm chip thickness, which should be between 0.004" to 0.008" for fixed and 0.003" to 0.004" for adjustable disc milling cutters, is also an important parameter when selecting​ cutting conditions.

Download the Pramet catalog (pdf) to view the ​complete selection of products.