​Solid Drills Range        

We offer a wide range of solid drilling tools under the Precision Twist Drill and Dormer product brands with substrates, lengths and styles to suit almost every rotary hole-making application:

Lengths: options to suit drilling depths up to 20xD, ranging from stub (short), jobber (standard), long series and extra length.        

Material: High Speed Steel (HSS), High Speed Cobalt (M35/M42) and Solid Carbide (HM)

Geometries: a number of different geometries are available to account for the cutting behaviour of the workpiece. This covers a range of capabilities and uses, from general purpose to high performance drills and, also, from drills suitable for use in multiple materials to drills designed for specific materials or applications, including micro drills and deep hole drills.   

Browse our popular types below or view our complete Solid Drills range.

prova_img_DORdrills_200x120.jpg prova_img_DORdrills_200x120.jpg
Screw Machine Length (Stub) Drills ​Jobber Length Drills Taper Length Drills
prova_img_DORdrills_200x120.jpg prova_img_DORdrills_200x120.jpg
Extra Length Drills Aircraft Extension Drills ​Taper Shank Drills
Reduced Shank Drills Special Purpose Drills Solid Carbide General Purpose Drills
Drill Sets - Drill & Tap Sets

​Application Products - Hydra Replaceable Head Drills
​Application Products - ADX / CDX Solid Carbide Drills​Application Products - MPX Solid Carbide Drills​Application Products - PFX Cobalt Parabolic Flute Drills