Taps and Dies

Dormer's threading range supports four primary tap geometries and tapping processes:

  • Straight Flute Taps: the most commonly used type of tap. Suitable for blind or though hole thread production in most materials, mainly steel and cast iron.
  • Spiral Point Taps: recommended for threading through holes, these taps feature a straight, fairly shallow flute with a point designed to drive the swarf forward. Also known as gun nose taps.
  • Spiral Flute Taps: intended primarily for threading blind holes, the helical flute transports swarf back out of the hole.
  • Forming Taps: produce a thread by deformation of the component material rather than the traditional cutting action. This means that no swarf is produced and the resultant thread is stronger. Forming taps can be used for production of blind or through holes in most material types. Also known as roll taps or fluteless taps.

Additional types available include interrupted thread taps, serial taps, nut taps, combination drill-taps and wire insert taps.

Dormer also offers a range of dies (gun nosed & adjustable) and dienuts for the production of external screw threads.

Dormer’s threading ranges are identified by the following product codes:

  • E*** (HSS, HSS-E & HSS-E-PM Taps)
  • F*** (HSS Dies & dienuts)
  • L*** (Die stocks, tap wrenches & tap sets)

Below you can find some highlights from our rotary threading program. For more information or to search our complete taps & dies range, please click here.

General Purpose Hand/Machine TapsMulti-Material Machine Taps​Material Specific Machine Taps
Forming TapsSolid carbide tapsHSS Dies & Dienuts

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