Knowledge Base

As your reliable cutting tool manufacturer, we want to ensure you are supported as best as possible to do your job well. Visit our Technical Page or Literature Page for downloads to also support your needs. For more hands-on training, we offer on-site and remote trainings as well as online sessions.

Online Trainings - Click to Register for Q2 Sessions

Grab your coffee and jo​in our 30-minute online cutting tool knowledge sessions, the fourth Friday of every month at 9:30am CST. Led by our round tool and indexable product experts, each session will give you the extra real-world knowledge needed to have a deeper understanding of cutting tool performance.​​ ​​​Download our Q2 schedule. Missed a session? D​on't stress. You can view the recorded broadcast here​:

​Fri, Jan 26:    Perfect Your Tap Routine  - View ​Repla​y of Video Online                                       
Fri, Feb 23:   What Your Insert Can Tell You - View Replay of Video Online
Fri, Mar 23:  Make Your Solid Carbide Drilling Troubles Disappear - View Replay of Video Online
Fri, Apr 27:   High Feed Milling
Fri, May 25:  Drilling Tool Selection
Fri, Jun 29:    Wiper Effect and Pramet Selection

​In-house Trainings​​

We have nationwide coverage to provide you training wherever you are. Interested in hearing more? Fill out ​our contact form.

Remote Trainings​

​​Whether it be at our suburban Chicago Headquarters or one of our partner's Training Centers, we can expand your team's knowledge of cutting tools with presentation and hands-on trainings.