General engineering


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General engineering covers a broad spectrum and is often referred to machining applications which do not fit into a specific industry segment. Typical customers are small to medium sized job shops, which mostly use standard tools, offering high level of flexibility and versatility across multi-materials.     

Customers are generally tier two or three subcontractors with numerous CNC machining capabilities. All look for products which have a high degree of reliability and simple, quick delivery. Many of these companies work on a variety of machined components for a wide selection of end-users in the structural, mechanical and construction industries.  

Typically, customers require tools which can provide consistent performance in a range of engineering materials. Some examples of these from our product assortment include: 

  • HSS & solid carbide drills, such as our A012 and Force X range 

  • Indexable drills 

  • HSS & HSS-E taps 

  • ISO Turning tools 

  • Solid carbide milling cutters (S7** and S8** ranges) 

  • Indexable milling cutters, including the Force AD & ECON HN ranges 

  • Standard parting-off and grooving inserts 

  • General geometries and grades, including M8340 & T9325 


For further information regarding our assortment of general engineering focused cutting tools please contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office or speak with our official distributor in your area.  

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