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Library App

Dormer Pramet's digital library app gives you easy access to a wide range of support material including product literature, data sheets and technical publications.

Using geo-localization, the app automatically selects material relevant for you, in your local language.

The progressive download functionality means you can quickly display the pages you need without waiting to download the complete publication. In addition, you can share or print pages and search for specific content within our product offer of almost 40,000 items.

App features:

  • Publications index

  • Internal search

  • Registration option to receive customized offers

  • Sharing tools

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Calculator App

The Calculators app from Dormer Pramet helps to calculate a variety of operating parameters for different metal cutting operations including milling, turning, drilling, threading and boring

By entering different job settings the user can quickly and accurately select the optimum conditions for an efficient machining process. Simply swipe the screen to reveal the calculated results. 
As such, this app is a valuable tool for engineers and machinists across a wide range of metalworking industries. Numerous user preferences can be configured via the settings, including multiple language options.

Or download from iTunes ,Google Play or Huawei AppGallery.