Creating a new cutting tool - concept to spindle (part 1)


New cutting tools are continuously being added into the market, but what is the process to get a product from concept through to the spindle?

Our product management and development department is tasked with creating new tools every year. A member of the team is product and development engineer Jan Bittner.

In January 2015, Jan joined Dormer Pramet and became part of the project to develop an assortment of high feed milling tools. Almost three years later, a new range of SBN10 cutters and BNGX inserts were launched into the global market. This is Part One of Jan’s story.

Our aim was to create an assortment of tools for use in double-negative cutters, which allowed high feed rates for increased productivity. The design needed to be for double-sided inserts to maximize the economic value (four-edges) and provide good chip-control, allowing for a higher ramping angle.

At the same time, the tool needed to offer process security and a versatile range for mold and die operations, covering roughing to finishing.

Design concepts

Karel Tiefenbach, product manager for indexable milling, created a concept brief and clear objective for the development team to follow. Jan Bittner then began the process with Jan Vlcek from product design & information department (pictured right). 

Their first task in designing a new high feed milling tool – later known as SBN10 - was to research what products were already available in the market and how Dormer Pramet could be different, while still meeting the needs of customers. 


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