Tools for thread turning

The Pramet indexable program for turning of external and internal threads and indexable cutting inserts include full profile for M, W, RD, API, TR, UN and ACME threads. The offering also includes inserts with partial profile for 60° threads. Product choices for special designs include thread profile, insert design or grade.


Ground with full profile

The selection of thread turning inserts are all-ground indexable cutting inserts with full profile. Ground indexable cutting inserts are the best choice for low-carbon and corrosion-resistant steels but also for most materials. Pressed indexable cutting inserts (P1 specification) are used for turning of harder materials and/or for threading in holes.
Inserts with full profile are suitable for serial and repeated production. Partial profile is suitable for single-piece production.

Selection of the angle of inclination is required for the correct operation of the tool. The correct inclination is gauranteed by shims with different inclination angles (external and internal tools) or it is fixed by means of tool design (internal tools).

Download the Pramet catalog (pdf) to view the ​complete selection of products.​