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The T9020 turning grade is born



Steel turning occupies an important position in the entire machining market, but its conditions are the most complex and changeable.  

With the rapid development of Asia’s manufacturing industry, volume is also growing. At the same time, the development of the market has brought great difficulties to customers' decision-making.  

The variety of products now available makes tool management difficult, and production costs remain expensive. With the so-called "high-cost performance" items flooding the market, customers seem to have a wide range of choices, but in fact, this creates hesitancy in the selection process. 

To avoid such instances, Dormer Pramet has developed a turning grade with the advantage of an "all-round" performance at an efficient cost.  

The Pramet T9020 grade offers simplicity, ease of use, reliability and convenience. It combines excellent European ancestry, with modern technical features and market adaptability. Its versatility across multiple inserts and applications, reduces costs by eliminating the need for several grades.  

Covering P10 to P30 application areas, the grade is suitable for continuous and interrupted cutting. Its gradient substrate and MT-CVD coating offers high levels of wear resistance. Covering all working conditions, the range includes four geometries for finishing, semi-finishing, roughing to heavy roughing.  

This makes the insert selection process clear and efficient. The Pramet T9020 grade is suitable for machining steel parts such as bearings, discs and flanges, across various general applications. It is ideal for automotive components, including shafts, gears, ball cages and steering. 

The grade is available across a wide range of Pramet inserts, including CCMT, CNMG, CNMM, DCMT, DNMG, SNMG, TCMT, TNMG, VBMT, VNMG and WNMG.  

Turning the ideal into reality - the birth of the Pramet T9020.  

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