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Expansion of Czech Republic production unit



We are expanding our Šumperk manufacturing facility, with a new 4,500sqm building, scheduled for completion in 2023.
The new hall will contain a two-storey space and annexes to greatly increase production of inserts. It will also allow room for upgrading the existing equipment in the current production floors at the site in the Czech Republic.
The announcement coincides with the 70th anniversary of the indexable production unit, which has been manufacturing cutting tools since 1951, leading to the Pramet brand becoming well-known around the world.
Along with developments to the manufacturing facility, the safety of employees will be improved. The new modern hall will feature additional changing rooms and clean spaces to maintain a safe working environment.
Innovations in automation and robotization are planned within the development to meet future demands. Also, by moving existing production into the new hall, we can update the equipment used across the facility. The use of automation will help streamline the processes involved in indexable manufacturing and increase production throughout the site.
With the environment in mind, we are also improving the sustainability of the Šumperk facility. Our company goal is to globally reduce CO2 emissions by 50% and achieve recyclability of 90% by 2030.
The new hall will utilize photovoltaic panels installed on the roof to provide solar energy and reduce carbon emissions. There are additional plans for upgrading waste management capacity, including improved sorting to increase the reclamation of recyclable material.
To celebrate the 70th anniversary, we have made the Šumperk facility available to be toured virtually. Through the interactive tool, you can see the various stages of production, packaging, and R&D involved in indexable insert manufacture. 

Start the tour at:​.